High-Tech Skin Care: Tighten Up!

Find your skin is waging a battle against gravity? We talk to Marina Vashkevich, clinical department and trainer for Viora Medical – a Global manufacturer and distributor of highly advanced technology for Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists and Physicians that is non-invasive and virtually pain free.

Vivian Vassos: How does ReLift work?

Marina Vashkevich: ReLift works by lifting and firming the skin in the jowl area, a treatment developed specifically to reduce the amount of fat in the lower third portion of the face and tightening the skin in the neck area. There are two targets for ReLift, the first is “fat removal” and the second is making the skin tighter and more firm.

VV: You also call it Reaction™. Is it the same thing? And how long has the treatment been in practice in Europe?

MV: Reaction™ is the name of the overall system. ReLift is one of the protocols possible with the Reaction™ device. Reaction™ is different from other RF systems on the market not only because it combines two technologies (vacuum and radiofrequency), but also because it allows us to use multiple frequencies. This type of technology has never been seen in the Canadian market before. Reaction™’s multiple channels of RF frequency allow us to change the depth of penetration thereby targeting different layers of the skin, ensuring that the correct amount of energy is delivered to treat the patient’s symptoms. Reaction™ has been in operation in Europe since 2009.

VV: Gravity will never go away, nor will the process of aging. How is the treatment suitable for the body’s natural “condition” of aging?

MV: This technology works with your body by stimulating and rejuvenating the natural potential of the skin. So, aging skin still has a chance! We “awaken” skin in the process of skin rejuvenation by raising the temperature of the dermal layer, causing collagen cross-links to break down and stimulate new collagen growth.

VV: You mentioned that men are using this treatment more and more. Can you explain what area of the face they seem to focus on and why?

MV: For men, the jowl area is the most popular. It might be because men are known to have a strong and defined jaw line. When the contour of that jaw line changes, men notice it right away. It’s natural then, that ReLift is the most popular treatment for men, since it works to reduce fat in the jowl area and tighten the skin.

VV: You mix technology and science with your own brand of combining technologies in your approach to treating a patient. Do you think that your patients might have better results because of this mix of positive reinforcement?

MV: It is a European approach to modern aesthetic medicine which states that a combination of technologies gives a much more impressive result in comparison to a single technology. Positive reinforcement definitely plays a role in how a patient feels, and it helps to give them confidence and to have an amazing experience.

VV: Do you mix injectables with this technology, or do you use the technology alone?

MV: I divide treatments into two big categories: total and local correction. Total correction means to work with the level of collagen, hydration and hyperkeratosis. Local correction is an injection of Botulotoxins and Fillers at the end of the program of the treatment. For example, after treating the area of the nasal labial folds with Reaction, if you choose to go further, the amount of filler decreases significantly (one syringe instead of two). Using injectables in conjunction with this technology is a personal preference; you still get amazing results with the system by itself.

VV: How many treatments do you recommend?

MV: According to Viora’s protocols, the number of treatments for face can vary from 3 to 6 and the period of time between the treatments is 1-3 weeks. In order to have a stable and prolonged result, the company recommends repeating the treatment at intervals of 3- 6 months from the last procedure. Modern aesthetic medicine is not able to stop the aging process, but does give us the possibility to slow aging so we can age gracefully.

VV: Would you consider the technology a safer alternative to surgery, and is there a point where you may assess a patient’s condition to be beyond your technology? In other words, is a surgical face-lift the only solution?

MV: Non-invasive modern technologies are now available as an alternative to going under the knife. For instance, Reaction is able to increase to the process of new collagen growth without actually piercing the skin. It improves the lymphatic drainage system and blood circulation while delivering oxygen and nutrients. Infusion, another system by Viora, uses the same type of noninvasive application, and carries hyaluronic acid, collagen, proteins and peptides to the dermis skin layer. Viora’s Trios utilizes IPL technology and can remove hair, significantly reduce acne inflammation, and rejuvenate skin. Viora’s microdermabrasion device, Pristine, uses diamond-tip applicators that allow deeper treatment of sensitive areas, without fear of over-abrasion. These technologies are all safe alternatives to surgery, and can even be used in conjunction with other procedures.

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