10 Celebrity-Inspired Holiday Looks

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They are over 50 and fabulous.

In these past few weeks leading up to the holidays, some of Hollywood’s seasoned actresses have been amping up the wattage on the red carpet.

Sure, you might not have their access to professional makeup artists and stylists but, none-the-less, their star-worthy outfits offers a few cues on how you, too, can dress to make a grand entrance at a festive party this season.

Sigourney Weaver, 64
Yes, you can be over 60 and turn it out in full-length sequins. Glittering in an evergreen sequin dress, the actress keeps it classic with just a hint of sexiness with a deep V-neckline.

Andie MacDowell

Andie MacDowell, 55
Blush, soft rose colours and nudes will not make you look washed out. Instead, they can make you positively glow like the actress and former model does in this nude coloured gown. The sparkling embellishment adds some shimmer.

Jane Fonda, 75
You might think it brings attention to the wrinkles on your neck, but don’t be self-conscious. Do like the legendary actress and drape your neck in a big magnificent necklace.

Helen Mirren, 68
Think the full-skirted look is too girlish and youthful? Only if it’s too short. Take a cue from this Oscar winner and keep it knee length. Besides, this 1950s era look is hot in fashion right now.

Joan Jett, 55
It’s might be the Christmas holidays, but don’t feel like you have to suppress your inner rock chick. A pair of sexy leather pants or some knee-high boots or a sharply cut blazer can be great alternatives to a little black dress. Proof, if you need any, the legendary singer shows that you can be over 50 and still rock a pair of leather pants and tall boots.

Glenn Close, 66
Black lace doesn’t have to be matronly. As the great actress shows, it can be sexy and demure at the same time, like this see-through but classic sheath dress.

Angela Bassett, 55
The little black dress is always the tried-and-true workhorse during the holidays. Liven it up, like the American actress does here, in a colourful and striking pair of pumps.

Raquel Welch

Raquel Welch, 73
Yes, you can be over 70 and still be every inch the sex symbol. Here, the screen goddess keeps the fires burning in a siren red gown that hugs and shows off her stellar figure.

Emma Thompson, 54
A colourful graphic printed dress doesn’t have to be over-powering. Keep the silhouette simple, like the British actress does here, and it can be a knock-out hit.

Julianne Moore, 52
Red sequins at Christmas? Yes, and you don’t have to look like Santa’s helper. Here, the actress wows in a form fitting dress in swanky big glittering sequins and sexy gladiator stilettos.