Downton Abbey Costumes Come to Toronto

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If you’re a regular viewer of the hit series Downton Abbey, then you’re no doubt familiar with the stunning dresses, gowns and suits worn throughout the series, each one more exquisite than the one before. As the period piece moves throughout the early 20th century, viewers are treated to sartorial lessons from each era. See photos from the recently opened Dressing for Downton exhibit at Spadina Museum (March 11 – April 13) on the next few pages.

And be sure to watch our video segment featuring Zoomer magazine’s Fashion Director Derick Chetty as he takes you on a guided tour of the exhibit with administrator and curator Karen Edwards:

This beautiful red dress worn by Lady Mary started as a turn-of-the-century evening dress from Spain–the show’s costumers then altered it and added embellishments.

As the series moved into the 1910s, the waistlines were defined and at times belted (once the show enters the 1920s, the silhouette completely changes).

 An outfit worn by Cora Crowley.

Lady Dowager’s violet suit.


The attention to detail in Lady dowager’s violet suit carries all the way through to the beautiful lace accented vest.

Lady Mary’s gown features an embellished sheer overlay.