Older Japanese Couple Take Instagram by Storm With Their Matching Outfits

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If you thought you had to be fashionably youthful or a Kardashian-type to post selfies of your outfits on Instagram, here’s a 60-something-year-old couple that happily shatters that notion.

The Japanese couple, married for 37 years, have been regularly matching their outfits for special outings and, thanks to Instagram, the world gets to see how these two stylish seniors play matchy-matchy with their #ootd (that’s “outfit of the day” for the uninitiated). Having only joined Instagram a few months ago, they have quickly gone viral and have amassed nearly 350,000 followers.


Very little is known about the couple, other than that they live in Japan. It is believed that their Instagram handle, @bonpon511, is an amalgamation of their first names and their wedding date. In their posts, they proudly tag their photos with #over60, #silverhair, #greyhair, #couple. Their #ootd posts feature them having lunch at Ikea or visiting an art gallery.

Favouring stores like the Japanese fast-fashion brand, Uniqlo, their style is one of simplicity, with the occasional pop of primary colours and graphic prints like polka dots, gingham and stripes.

The idea of “couple dressing” might conjure up ideas of hilarious Christmas cards or awkward family portraits, but theirs seem to have an inherently natural charm without looking forced or costume-like. Whilst they don’t exactly replicate or wear the identical item, their thoughtful coordination and simple styling looks more like an homage to each other. And it doesn’t go too far without each sacrificing their own individuality.

In Japan, couple dressing is a popular pastime and is referred to as osoroi code or matching outfits. When couples or a group of friends get together, wearing the same thing head-to-toe, it is considered an expression of their love and friendship.

Scroll through our slide show below featuring @bonpon511 #ootd pictures from their Instagram account.