Starbucks Prices Increase

If you thought your Grande Caffe Americano seemed a tad pricier yesterday, you were right. If you thought Starbucks’ coffee couldn’t get anymore expensive, you were wrong.

According to The Canadian Press, the Canadian portion of the java chain increased its prices Tuesday due to rising coffee and commodity price. Experts have also said the increases are due to a highly-competitive Canadian coffee market with Tim Hortons and McDonalds offering a wider selection of coffees.

The Seattle-based company does not talk market specifics, but so far the notable changes in price are 10 to 15 cents more for a grande bold coffee and 88 cents more for a grande caramel macchiatio.

“Starbucks carefully monitors and evaluates costs, including green coffee prices, commodity costs and competitive dynamics, and we respond with pricing adjustments that balance our need to run the business effectively while providing maximum value to our customers in Canada,” the company said in a statement.

– Tianna Robinson