Beutel Goodman expertise now accessible through Clarington

Beutel Goodman has a reputation of being one of the best value management firms in Canada. The Beutel Goodman Canadian Equity Fund, to cite one example, has outperformed its peer group over all time periods out to 10 years, with below-average risk.

However, the company’s expertise has been beyond the reach of many small investors because of a $10,000 minimum investment requirement. Beutel Goodman manages some funds for third parties, such as Investors Group, but they can only be acquired by clients of that firm.

But now you can get the company working on your behalf for a lot less cash up front. The recently launched Clarington Canadian Value Fund is managed by a Beutel Goodman team headed by Norm MacDonald. The minimum initial investment is for this fund is $2,000.

If you thought that Clarington’s minimum was $500, that was the case until recently. However, the company raised it to the higher level in their new prospectus, which came out in late July. Still, it’s a lot less than $10,000!

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