Chou funds more widely available

While most equity funds have been losing money, there are some notable exceptions. Among the winners during the long bear market are the two small Chou funds, managed by Fairfax Financial vice-president Francis Chou.

Over the three years to the end of April, the Chou Associates Fund generated an average annual return of 15.5% while the companion Chou RRSP Fund gained 21.6% a year during the same period. That makes Chou Associates the number one fund in the U.S. Equity category for that time frame, while Chou RRSP ranks number two in the Canadian Equity group.

If you’re interested in acquiring units of the funds, they are now more widely available since they have been recently added to the FundSERV system. This means that most discount and full-service brokers as well as financial planners can sell them. Minimum investment is $10,000 for the RRSP Fund and $25,000 for the Associates Fund.

Adapted from an article that originally appeared in Mutual Funds Update, a monthly electronic newsletter of common sense mutual fund advice edited by Gordon Pape.