Retroactive CPP/OAS payments

Question: For Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security, are both these pensions retroactive? How many years can you go back to receive your unpaid pension?


As far as the CPP is concerned, back payments can be made for up to 12 months. But there are some restrictions. Human Resources Canada says on its Web site: “If you delay in applying, the Canada Pension Plan cannot always make back payments to the date you wish your pension to begin. For information on Canada Pension Plan rules, contact us.”

As far as Old Age Security is concerned, the 12-month back payment rule also applies. Here’s what the Web site says: “If you apply after age 65, you can receive a back payment to cover up to 12 months of payments which include the payment for the month you applied. For example, if you apply for the pension when you turn 66, you would receive a back payment for 12 months of benefits. The back payment is calculated from the month that we receive your application.”