We’ve expanded the Estate Planning section

Estate planning is one of those necessary tasks that we often keep putting off. It’s not an immediate priority, so we’ll get around to it in due course.

There are two big problems with this kind of procrastination, however.

First, death is not predictable. If something should happen to you before a proper estate plan is in place, the financial consequences for your loved ones could be serious.

Second, the sooner you create an estate plan, the more flexibility you will have to tailor it to your specific family needs. For example, more insurance may be indicated. It will be a lot easier, and cheaper, to buy it when you’re 55 than when you’re 70

This module of the Fifty-Plus.Net Money section will provide you with an overview of the entire estate planning process. It will introduce you to a number of areas of estate planning that you may not have considered before. And we will help you to take action by providing you with immediate access to a number of valuable tools to get you going.

We’ll be prodviding detailed information on wills, executors, powers of attorney, trusts, taxes on death, probate fees and much more. You’ll also find useful calculators to he you construct a plan, names of professionals who can help you, reports of new developments relating to estate plans, and more.

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