What’s a good source for socially-concious funds?

Q – I’m interested in investments that support environmentally and socially conscious companies and I’m not sure where to find this info. I’m aware of the Ethical Funds group and a couple of others such as Investors Summa, but I’m hoping that there is a Web site or other source which would have a consolidated list of ethical funds and/or individual companies. I’m also interested in investing in companies that are attempting to improve the environment, such as those in the area of wind or solar power, for example. Is there a way to find out about these types of companies? I haven’t been very successful in receiving this information from a broker and would really appreciate any advice you can give me. – S.S.

A – I suggest you visit the Social Investment Organization, which is based in Toronto.

You’ll find information about all the mutual funds that meet their criteria. Then, if you wish, you can cross-reference those with the ratings and reviews in my 2001 Buyer’s Guide to Mutual Funds.

The site also contains several other articles and features of interest to socially‑conscious instors. – G.P.