The first of its kind in Canada, GIF Select featuring IncomePlus


Chances are you are probably looking forward to your retirement.

The good news is that as Canadians we are living longer, healthier lives which means that many of us will enjoy an active lifestyle during retirement doing the things we enjoy the most.

From a financial point of view the downside of our longevity is the very real risk we face of outliving our capital.

Investing in equity markets can help you stay ahead of inflation and grow your retirement savings but there are specific risks you face whether you are just entering or already in retirement that can’t be overlooked.

Once retired you simply can’t afford to suffer short-term losses in the same manner as your younger counterparts because your time to recover from meaningful market decline is limited. In a market downturn the effect of compounding actually begins to work in reverse eroding investor capital in this critical retirement stage.

After a five year market advance today we are at all time highs by virtually every measure so is now the right time to invest in equities?

Using IncomePlus with GIF Select the answer is “Yes”. It’s an investment solution that allows investors to participate in all the upside of a market based portfolio while offering some very unique and very valuable attributes that include

• Predictable income that is guaranteed not to decrease no matter how your investments perform
• Sustainable income that will last at least until the principal is completely repaid
• Potentially increasing guaranteed income to help offset inflation
• The flexibility to change your investment or access your savings at any time
• An extremely tax-efficient income stream when held in a non-registered account
• Benefits that ensure the smooth transition of your estate, outside your will, so you can avoid costly probate, legal and accounting fees.

Ideally suited for clients looking ahead to their retirement with a few more years to go IncomePlus provides an annual 5% Guaranteed Bonus added to the guaranteed withdrawal balance in each of the first 10 years after purchasing funds in the IncomePlus series.

If no withdrawals are taken in the first 10 calendar years your guaranteed withdrawal balance will grow by a minimum of 150% before your begin withdrawing income.

IncomePlus Resets

During periods of portfolio growth IncomePlus automatic reset feature has the potential to increase both the total guaranteed withdrawal balance and the death benefit guarantee. Resets occur every three years on the anniversary date, without charge and only if the market value of your Income Plus account is higher than the current guaranteed value.

This exciting new asset class of Guarantee Minimum Withdrawal Benefits (GMWB’s) is just making its debut in Canada but with over 400 Billion in similarly managed assets in the US, its definitely here to stay!


Robert Cawston has been meeting the needs of his clients, having spent the last 25 years managing, protecting and growing their family net-worth. His dedication is seen in his understanding of issues involving the changing landscape of personal finance in the new face of retirement.

As an Investment Representative of Manulife Securities, a leading provider of financial and investment solutions to Canadians, Robert and his team will be there when you need them every step of the way.

We would be very glad to forward an information package for your considration or meet with you in person to see if IncomePlus is right for you.

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