Q&A: Can tax people seize her pension?

Question: I will be starting to receive my Canada Pension
early in 2008. I am currently embroiled in a dispute with CRA (Canada Revenue
Agency) over taxes. They have assessed me with back taxes, and a Notice of Objection
has been filed. Despite this, they have already held back GST rebates, and I
wonder if my pension could be seized. Is the Canada Pension Plan debt protected?
Or should I try to delay the start date for pension payments? – A.M.,

Gordon Pape answers: I double-checked this with the folks
at the CRA. They confirmed that Canada Pension Plan payments, as well as Old
Age Security benefits, can be seized for collection of unpaid taxes. They said
this would only be done as a last resort, but legally they have the right to
take such action.

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