Energy contracts protect as fickle weather continues


If there’s one thing Ontarians can agree on, it’s our Province’s fickle weather conditions. This season alone we’ve seen a Thanksgiving heat wave in October, heavy snowfall in December and extreme cold weather alerts to kick off the New Year in January.

Wild temperature swings can make consumers lose their cool in more ways than one. Volatile weather can affect supply and demand for electricity and natural gas. So just when you need to heat or cool your house the most, prices can spike.

It’s all about choice
The good news is that Ontario’s homeowners have more choices than ever in the way they buy energy to keep their homes comfortable no matter what the weather.

Some choose to play the market and buy natural gas and electricity at the going rate from the local utility company. But there are also solutions for consumers who get queasy thinking about the pricing roller coaster we often see in energy markets. These customers can look for guaranteed, stable prices from an energy retailer.

Energy contracts come in all shapes and sizes, with features tailored to meet consumers’ own energy needs. They typically last one to five years, and commit to a price that won’t change during that time. For the environmentally conscious, retailers such as Direct Energy offer “green” electricity and natural gas contracts with features that help protect the environment.

The biggest benefit of these types of energy plans is price certainty, even during uncertain times. Regardless of what happens in North America’s energy markets, a homeowner who has signed up for a fixed energy plan can be confident their price will stay the same.

In other words, a hurricane in the United States or a sudden cold snap across the Eastern Seaboard won’t affect prices for consumers who have signed up for a fixed energy plan. These consumers don’t need to worry that a heating bill with unexpectedly high rates is about to land in the mailbox.

It pays to consider your energy choices
A typical Ontario household spends $1,600 to $1,900 on natural gas and electricity combined each year. For other household purchases of this size, most of us shop around, compare features and prices, and select the product that best meets our needs. If you haven’t looked into your options for managing energy costs, you may be missing an opportunity.

The stability that comes with an energy plan can be a great choice for those who shudder at the thought of how a surprise price increase can affect the household budget.

As temperatures continue to rise and fall, consumers are wise to investigate all their options when it comes to heating and cooling their homes. Not only will they stay comfortable year-round, it’ll also be easier to keep the budget in check.

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