The gift of a loving legacy

Whether you’re still young and healthy or getting older, what better gift to give your loved ones than the peace of mind of knowing they won’t be left with the financial or emotional burden of your funeral?

And now you can get funeral insurance with guaranteed acceptance that includes the only funeral planning provider recommended by CARP.

Today, three out of four Canadians think it’s better to plan ahead and not leave the burden of a funeral to their loved ones. But, many of us have trouble finding life insurance we can qualify for. Luckily, Western Life Assurance Company now offers CARP members a Guaranteed Acceptance Insurance Policy. This means that if you are under age 81, you can’t be turned down – there is no medical exam, no medical questions, and your premiums never increase*. Also, unlike term insurance that expires at a certain age, Western Life’s whole life coverage provides you with permanent protection for as long as you live.

Importantly, funeral insurance from Western Life includes the services of Everest – the first nationwide funeral planning and concierge service. Recommended by CARP, Everest’s comprehensive assistance makes it easy to deal with questions about cremation or burial, visitation, merchandise, memorialization, and cemetery arrangements. How much will the funeral cost? Are funeral prices negotiable? Where will we find the money to pay for the arrangements?

Vera S. from Toronto comments, “Upon my death, I will have peace of mind that my son will simply call Everest.” The fact is that every one of us will have to deal with a funeral at some point, so why not start today?

As a benefit of your Western Life policy, Everest works only for you – representing the best interests of you and your family. “We don’t sell funerals, caskets or merchandise and we don’t receive any monies from the funeral industry,” says Mark Duffey, CEO of Everest, “Our interest is only to advocate for our clients.” And Duffey adds that Everest can work in conjunction with any funeral home in Canada or the U.S. , without limitations.

What makes Everest unique is its staff of professional advisors who offer practical, unbiased advice, counsel and support. They record your wishes, and at the time of your death, your loved one makes ONE phone call to an Everest Advisor who ensures that all the arrangements will be handled properly, according to your wishes AND at a fair price.

And working with Everest, Western provides a feature that allows the proceeds of your policy to be paid to your beneficiary within two business days from the receipt of the claim**. This is extremely helpful since funeral homes want to be paid in advance of performing services. It is added protection so your family won’t have to bear the burden of a stressful debt to pay for the funeral at the worst possible time. In fact your beneficiary may spend the benefit on your final expenses or on anything else.

It is the best of both worlds – for one low cost you get both Western Life’s guaranteed acceptance life insurance to look after your final expense and you also get Everest’s unique and valuable services.

Many insurance policies are complicated, but this one is simple. And, best of all, Western Life also allows you to cancel your Life Policy within 30 days of receiving it for a full refunded; no questions asked.

Concludes Lennox B. from Toronto, “It’s just a matter of getting everything in order. The funds are there to cover the costs and your executors don’t have to worry about anything.”

Recommended nationally by CARP – Everest’s services are available as a benefit of funeral insurance underwritten by Western Life Assurance Company.

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* Funeral insurance is underwritten by Western Life Assurance Company and is available in Canada, excluding Quebec, Newfoundland and Thunder Bay.

** In the first two years of your Western Life Policy, the death benefit is limited to the premiums paid unless death is accidental. Thereafter the death benefit is the benefit amount you choose unless death is caused by an accident (before age 85) in which case the plan will pay double your chosen amount.