Canadian retailers in dealing mood

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Canadian retailers are trying to lure consumers with deeper discounts, longer store hours and slogans that might hint of the anxiety retailers have for the future.

Boxing day sales began earlier at many stores as Canadian stores tried to pry dollars out of our wallets well in advance of our traditional Christmas shopping.

One major concern of shopkeepers is that consumers will delay buying to see where the economy is heading. Some are fueling impulse and instant buying with sales that are good only for the day, but this is likely pie in the sky as every day becomes a sale day for their competitors.

American desperation is, in some ways, driving discount shopping in Canada, according to experts. We see American advertising and nearby U.S. outlets are offering specials to Canadians who venture across the line despite the recently weakened buying power of the loonie. However, Canadian retailers say the deals on this side of the border are just as good, especially this year, as our retailers rush to compete.

In fact, overnight travel to the U.S., a key measure of cross-border shopping, has been declining since September, Statistics Canada says.

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