Ask a Broker about Water Damage Risk

One of the most common home insurance claims is for water damage. Make a point of discussing the protection you have with your insurance broker.

Your broker knows the right questions to ask to ensure proper coverage of your home or business. There are a lot of important issues to address. What sort of events would normally be covered by a typical policy, what events would likely not and, most importantly, what can you do to reduce the risk of a problem in the first place? Generally speaking, for a claim to be upheld the loss must be sudden and accidental and not the result of repeated seepage or leakage. It’s therefore a good idea to have leaky faucets and taps repaired as soon as possible, as a claim for resulting damage may be challenged if the insurance company concludes that neglect has contributed to the problem.

One of the more disturbing water-related events is the accidental backing up of a sewer, sump or septic tank. This can require serious remedial work and expensive clean-up, but the good news is that this kind of damage can be insured against. It’s worth checking with your broker to confirm whether your policy includes this type of protection. Water leaks from an eaves trough or downspout can also do a lot of damage, but once again can be insured under most home policies, if you have sewer backup coverage, providing once again that it is a sudden occurrence and not the result of improper maintenance.

Claims for water seepage around windows, doors or openings in floors, walls or roofs, or seeping through concrete walls or floors will generally not be covered. Most of this type of water damage however can be prevented or mitigated by routine maintenance, grading of your landscape and installation of proper downspouts and weeping tile. It’s worth taking the time to inspect your property on a regular basis and get a professional assessment if necessary, before trouble strikes or conditions worsen.

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