The Zoomer Report: The Recessionary Grill

How do you tell a hanger from a flank? I’m not talking about a place to park planes. I’m talking meat. As the economic downturn continues, butchers say high end cuts like tenderloin are out and less expensive cuts including flatirons, hangers, flanks, bavettes and skirts are in.

Cheaper cuts tend to come from the belly, the loin and the diaphragm of the cow while the more expensive ones come from muscles higher up on the animal, near the ribs.

These other cuts may be cheaper — but some people say they actually have more flavour. Case in point, these are the cuts you’re most likely to find in the world’s foremost beef Mecca: Argentina. The downside: these cuts are just not going to be as tender as premium cuts like sirloin.

Chefs advise us to buy high-quality meat, whatever the cut, and to trim it well, and prepare it with spice rubs or marinade. Then grill it to medium-rare over high heat. When it’s done, slice the meat against the grain before serving, to maximize tenderness. It’s a great way to trim some fat from your meat budget without sacrificing any taste.

Photo © Alexander Shalamov


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