Create A Financial Future For Your Kids and Grandkids

As our kids grow up, we can’t prevent the inevitable skinned knees, the stresses of year-end exams, or the heartache of their first break-up. But with a little pre-planning, we can control some of their future debt. Now given our flailing economy with declining home values and uncertain investments, making financial decisions at a time like this may feel daunting. This is where a little bit of research goes a long way.

Consider this: Statistics Canada has been tracking the undergraduate class of 2000. Over half of these students (53%) left post-secondary school owing money. Those with only government loans owed an average of $19,300 but those with loans from more than one source owed an average of $32,200. Fast forward five years later, and of the 55% of students who still owed money, 41% reported difficulties repaying their student debt. This was despite a 94% employment rate among students graduating with debt.

The majority of these graduates (56%), in addition to joining the workforce, were in committed long-term relationships. What’s more, two out of every five also had dependents. These young families were now in the less than ideal situation of trying to repay their own student debt, when they should be starting to save for their children’s future education. It can become a vicious circle.

The first step is to find a reputable RESP provider with experience and a proven track record. You will want to find an RESP expert who can provide strong yields without directly exposing your hard-earned savings to stock market risks.

Heritage Education Funds has been helping parents save for post-secondary education since 1965.

We invest in the safety and security of government bonds and guaranteed securities so your money is there when you need it. We’ve seen the fads come and go, with stock market ups and downs, and have amassed a depth of expertise that’s hard to beat.

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