‘Why I Built A Website Filled With Grandma’s Dessert Recipes’

I am living proof that anyone can make money on the Net doing something they love.

I’m Don Bell from Peterborough Ontario – and yes, I actually built a real website filled with my Grandma’s dessert recipes. The extra money I make from the site pays my bills and allows me to enjoy my retirement worry-free.

I only spend a few hours a week on my website (www.homemade-dessert-recipes.com) and only when it fits my schedule (remember I am retired!), but it already attracts 6500 visitors every day.

Imagine that, 6500 different human beings find little old me every day. And those visitors turn into income in my bank account.

Last year my online business made me approximately $27,000 and I know that total will continue to increase. Things are working so well that I am currently building two more websites. That kind of financial security is comforting to know, especially if my wife or I ever develop any health issues.

So how did I get started? While planning for an early retirement, I looked for a way to earn additional income from home since I’ve never had the luxury of a company pension plan. But, I wanted it to be something relatively simple that I could do on a part-time basis. It also had to be something that would require little or no startup money as I did not want to risk any of our hard-earned savings.

The idea for my business began with a wonderful collection of old-fashioned cookbooks and handmade recipe scrapbooks that I inherited from my mother. Since I love desserts, I figured that if I had a website I could somehow use my recipes to earn extra income (for example, sell them in a book). At the time, I didn’t know anything about creating a website, but I did know that I could learn how with the right tools.

As I searched the Internet, I learned to beware of the “get rich” sites. There are also tons of cheap site-hosting companies out there, but none of them give you everything you need to succeed.

Don Bell's recipe websiteWhen I finally stumbled upon “Site Build It!” or “SBI!” for short, I spent hours on their site. I knew I had found the right business-building helper for me. And I have never regretted my choice.

SBI! takes Internet novices like me by the hand and helps them turn almost any topic, hobby, or skill into a viable online business. It’s so encouraging to hear that lots of SBIers around my age (63-years-old) are making good money with their websites.

I really like the fact that SBI! is a complete package. I don’t have to pay for extra products or updates on tools. SBI! also provides a step-by-step video instruction guide (text version too) that walks you through the entire process. SBI! tries to make everything simple to use and if you need any help, their Customer Support and SBI! Forums (where thousands of SBIers meet to help each other) are right there.

I believe in “paying it forward.” SBI! changed my life and my retirement. It can change yours too!

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