3 life-changing benefits of planning your funeral in advance

We all plan, every day. We plan our mortgages, our RSPs, we plan our education funds, we plan anything that is in our future. We like to plan because it gives us the power of control over our lives. And final planning is no different.

The power to plan one’s funeral and cemetery arrangements is a satisfying and valuable act that gives us the control over things that may otherwise seem uncontrollable. Purchasing final arrangements in advance is an equally important part of a comprehensive plan for your family’s security and well-being. Simply for this reason, you can experience the satisfaction of knowing it’s taken care of and experience the true power of planning.

Pre-planning one’s funeral and cemetery arrangements is becoming increasingly popular with Zoomers who want the security and peace of mind that comes from having all of your affairs in order. Here are three of the biggest benefits typically cited for having completed the pre-planning process:

1) Reduced stress on loved ones at a trying time
Following the death of a loved one, many important details require urgent attention. The responsibility of making some of these important decisions is usually left with a family member or close friend. Letting your loved ones know your wishes in advance allows them to focus on remembering and celebrating your life and prevents any conflicts based on differences of opinion regarding how you’d like to be memorialized.

2) A service that reflects the way you want to be remembered
Planning ahead allows you to avoid any uncertainty about your wishes and create a highly personalized service that is as classic or creative as you are. Knowing your arrangements will be carried out exactly as you’ve prescribed provides you with peace of mind.

3) Savings of up to thousands of dollars
Make your investment in today’s dollars, at today’s prices and protect your estate from the high rate of inflation. Also, by removing uncertainty for your loved ones at a time of stress, you’ll eliminate the risk of emotional overspending.

For more information and resources on pre-planning funeral and cemetery arrangements, visit plantoday.ca or call 1-800-668-2323.