Scientists Close In on the God Particle

God Particle

While it’s too soon to claim discovery, scientists have reportedly honed in on what some call the “God Particle.” At a seminar held at the massive European Center For Nuclear Research (CERN) earlier today, two separate teams of atom-smashers converged on the same trail of the elusive particle that theoretically binds the universe together.

The sub-atomic particle, known as Higgs Boson, is the missing link that explains how matter is held together. It explains, however, only four percent of the universe. The remaining 96 percent is dark energy and dark matter, physicists speculate.

Today’s announcement is the biggest hint for scientists worldwide who have been confounded by the particle for more than 50 years now. For regular folks, the big question is as Deepak Chopra asks whether the particle will replace God?

-McLean Greaves