No more waiting: for caregiver support

They do everything from providing companionship, to cooking, housekeeping and assisting with activities of daily living, to providing health care assistance. Family caregivers – as opposed to paid professionals – deliver about 80% of all home care in Canada today. Many of them are “on call” 24/7. To be blunt, the entire health care system is riding on their shoulders. Thanks to their efforts, those loved ones don’t have to be institutionalized – or institutionalized as soon. This saves the system billions of dollars. In fact, the full value of what they provide – in terms of the market value of their time, the money they spend out of their own pockets, and the potential income they lose – comes to over $5 billion a year. And they deserve – and certainly need – a lot more support than they’re getting. According to a Statistics Canada research study, over 60% of family caregivers report being stressed, and half say their most important unmet need is for respite – a place to go to get a break, or a place they can take the loved one for a brief period, so that they themselves can enjoy a much-needed respite. And that’s precisely CARP’s third demand. Click here to go to, an excellent web site for all the drug benefit information you need in one place. It is a guide to reimbursement for medications through provincial / territorial and federal drug benefit plans. It links to the drug benefit formularies that list covered drugs.CARP demands that the federal government take action now – and earmark $2 billion for a national program of caregiver respite.

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Demand 1) Guaranteed wait times for 18 essential medical treatments.
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Demand 2) Immediate coverage, under all provincial drug benefit plans, of all drugs approved by Health Canada.
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Demand 3) $2 billion to be earmarked by the Federal Government to provide respite facilities and information resources for family caregivers.
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