Have you got the drive?

Ted told us he felt like he was getting complacent. Since retiring from a 33 year career with Petro Canada, he had been “home” for a year.

He now fashioned himself as a home handyman, doing small renovation projects at home and for neighbours in need and so on. But he lacked a sense of fulfillment.

Then one day, seemingly out of nowhere, a guy approached him in a shopping mall parking lot, and handed him a business card and said: “Laidlaw is looking for more school bus drivers, and you look like you’ve got the drive.”

He took the card home and began to wonder: “Do I have the drive? Do I have the skills? Would these buses have standard or automatic transmissions?”

If for nothing else than to get his questions answered, he made the call, and ended up visiting a Laidlaw Education Services school bus location.

He found out that driving a school bus would require him to be available from approximately 7-9AM and 3-5PM on school days only, with all school holidays and best of all the summer off. That worked well since it wouldn’t interfere with his love of golf. He found out the buses are all automatic. When he sat behind the wheel for the first time his reaction was: “Wow … this is amazing”.

“At Laidlaw, they don’t just stick you behind the wheel. In fact, they built my confidence with all the professional training, patience and information I needed.”

For Ted, his whole way of life changed. He realized what he wanted was contact with more adults and children, and the satisfaction that comes from mastering new skills. It gave him a purpose. It gave him excitement – the excitement of knowing he was really making a difference and really helping the community. The extra money in his pocket didn’t hurt, either.

Laidlaw Education Services is North America’s largest school bus company and they are looking for more mature minded dependable school bus drivers like Ted throughout Ontario, but especially in York Region with branches in Markham, King City, Newmarket etc.

If you are in good health with a good driving record, and think you would enjoy a little more driving, and working with children, this may be the perfect opportunity for you.

There are lots of openings for September, with free training starting soon.

If you think you’ve “got the drive” please call 905-294-5104 or toll free at 1-800-268-5584 (to find out for yourself).

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