The Zoomer Report: Summertime Retirement

If you’re ready to retire, you may want to do it over the next few months.

A new survey from Fidelity Investments Canada shows that June, July and August
are the months when the highest numbers of Canadians retire. The reason is simple.
Our summer is so short and retiring Canadians want to take full advantage of
it by not spending time at work. However, this year’s survey shows that
more people are finding it harder to retire.

Last year nearly half the people polled said their transition into retirement
was easier than they expected. This year, there was a fairly big drop in the
number who feel this way.

That’s likely because the volatility of the financial markets and other
investment issues investors faced in late 2007 and early 2008, are making many
recently retired Canadians feel less secure about their finances.

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