Program ensures highest quality of care in retirement communities

Seniors seeking quality retirement living homes should look for communities which qualify for the new Seal of Approval, an independent quality review program launched by the B.C. Seniors’ Living Association (BCSLA).

This program will identify senior living communities that adhere to the highest industry standards and ensure seniors have the opportunity to enjoy vibrant, safe and rewarding lifestyles.

“The Seal of Approval will help seniors and their families identify the very best retirement communities in B.C.,” said Amir Hemani, President of BCSLA. “We are already reviewing member communities and awarding the Seal of Approval.”

To obtain the BCSLA Seal of Approval, the community must complete both an internal self-assessment and an independent external review. Successful communities meet multiple criteria in five areas: Safety measures, infection control, staff training, resident services, and assisted living supports.

“This comprehensive review ensures communities with the Seal of Approval offer seniors the best quality of service and care,” Hemani said. “We know seniors and their families will value this independent assessment that will help them to provide confidence of choice for the best community to meet their needs.”

Hemani said BCSLA members support the Seal of Approval as a way to publicly demonstrate their excellent service, professional integrity and industry leadership. Seal of Approval residences will give today’s seniors and future seniors the best in retirement living.

The Seal of Approval program is expected to raise standards throughout the industry, as communities strive to earn the designation. Assessment of member communities has begun and will continue throughout 2010.

“When seeking a retirement residence, seniors and their families can be assured of the best quality and service by choosing communities which have earned or are in the process of earning the BCSLA Seal of Approval,” Hemani said.

For more information call the BCSLA office at 1-888-402-2722 or 604-689-5949.

Photo © Dieter Hawlan