Turning a dream room into reality

Do you suddenly have an empty bedroom? Then you might consider turning that no-longer needed bedroom into a guest room or sewing corner. But if you’re ready to celebrate the new priorities that come with a shift in family life, you might want to make more extensive changes.

<p The Ultimate Home Bar
Love to entertain? You can easily install a bar in one corner of your now available room, and if you choose, you can turn it into a wet bar with a quick call to a plumber.

Then, trade in the old ceiling fan for some track lighting, and the old easy chair for some bar stools. To decorate the space, call local bars to find out if one is updating its signage; if your timing is right, you might even luck into some neon.

Movie Theater
This project qualifies both as a rec room idea and an initiative for marital harmony. Taking your home theater system into its own room means you can set up surround-sound speakers, without marring the look of more formal spaces. Soundproofing with acoustic panels allows you to yell at the referee to your heart’s content.

Sports fans will want to decorate with logos and mascots from favorite teams. Movie buffs might go for a rack of DVDs and a series of poster reproductions. For first-generation video game addicts, adding a few stand-up consoles in the back corner is usually possible for a small investment.

Scrapbook Nook
Of course you can scrapbook in a home office, or by moving things around in your sewing room, but it’s so much better when you have a dedicated space.

A drafting table from a local art store can form the centerpiece of this room, and you can surround it with display shelves for your supplies, and works in progress. A magnetic whiteboard for concept work completes the functionality. File cabinets, out of sight in the closet, can provide storage for photos you’ve not yet gotten around to putting in books. 

To enhance your creativity, think about your sensory needs when designing this room. A high-end sound system, plants, and aromatherapy, can create a mood and mindset to bring out your best work.

Have you recently repurposed an empty room? Tell us about what you did in the comment section below!

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