13 Famous Femmes Who Dated Younger Men

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Legendary singer Patti LaBelle has found love, and it turns out the man for whom her heart beats is also the man who keeps the beat behind her onstage. LaBelle, 71, is dating her drummer, Eric Seats, 41, the Daily Mail reports, with the pair sharing numerous photos of themselves together over the holidays on social media.

The Godmother of Soul and her new squeeze are just the latest couple to prove that age is merely a number when it comes to many things – including love (within reason, of course!). And with increasing discussion of Hollywood’s aging male fantasy indulgence of casting leading men opposite love interests who should be playing their daughters, it’s refreshing to see the script flipped in real life.

Read on for 12 more of Tinseltown’s highest-profile older women–younger men romances.

Tina Turner and Erwin Bach

Age difference: 16 years

The love story: Turner met music executive Bach in the early 1980s, a number of years after her divorce from Ike Turner. Turner was 46 and Bach 30. They eventually began dating before tying the knot 27 years later, in 2013.

Did it last? Yes. They’re still making beautiful music together at ages 76 and 60 respectively.

Susan Sarandon and Jonathan Bricklin

Age difference: 37 years

The love story: Sarandon and Bricklin met in 2011, and the actress hit it off with the much younger reality TV star. The pair even opened up a chain of ping pong lounges, including one in Toronto.

Did it last? The couple broke up after a few years of dating and Bricklin reportedly went on to date Pablo Picasso’s granddaughter, Marina, 64.

Joan Collins and Percy Gibson

Age difference: 32 years

The British actress, 82, married husband number five, Percy Gibson, 50, in 2002, and they remain together to this day. The union is also the longest of Collins’ five marriages. When discussing concern over their 32-year age difference, Collins famously quipped, “If he dies, he dies.”

Did it last? Absolutely. They’re still married.

Carol Burnett and Brian Miller

Age difference: 23 years

The love story: The third time’s the charm for legendary comedienne Carol Burnett, 82, who married her third husband, orchestra drummer Brian Miller, in 2001. Burnett’s third marriage came with the added intrigue that her husband is 23 years younger, making them 67 and 44 at the time of their nuptials.

Did it last? The pair are still happily married today.

Elizabeth Taylor and Larry Fortensky

Age difference: 20 years

The love story: It began in rehab in 1988, when Taylor met Fortensky, a construction worker, at the Betty Ford Centre. The unlikely couple wed in 1991 – Taylor’s final marriage – at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch.

Did it last? No. They divorced in 1996 but remained friends right up until Taylor’s passing in 2011.


Madonna has never made her love of dating younger men a secret. Her second husband, director Guy Ritchie, was 10 years younger than her, but the marriage didn’t last. The Material Girl, 57, has been linked to different younger men in recent years, including in 2014 when she reportedly had relationships with two different backup dancers roughly 30 years her junior.

Madonna explained her reasons for choosing to date younger men to the New York Post last year:

“It’s just what happens. Most men my age are married with children. They’re not dateable. I’m a very adventurous person and I also have a crazy life. I’m a single mother. I have four children. I mean, you have to be pretty open-minded and adventurous to want to step into my world. People who are older and more set in their ways are probably not as adventurous as someone younger.”

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher

Age difference: 15 years

The love story: Moore and Kutcher became the talk of Hollywood when they hooked up in 2003. After being one half of a high-profile marriage with Bruce Willis, the fact that Moore began dating a younger model/actor attracted intense media attention. The couple married in 2005.

Did it last? It didn’t. In 2011 the couple split and finalized their divorce two years later.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

Age difference: 10-11 years (reports on Carey’s birth year vary)

The love story: Carey and Cannon married in 2008 after meeting while filming one of the singer’s music videos. Three years later, the couple had twins.

Did it last? Unfortunately not. They filed for divorce in 2014. Meanwhile, in a recent interview Cannon suggested that he won’t marry again.

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart

Age difference: 28 years

The love story: J. Lo, 46, and former back-up dancer Casper Smart, 28, began dating in 2011, and their romance lasted until 2014. Recently, however, the pair rekindled their romance, even walking the red carpet at last Sunday’s Golden Globes together.

Did it last? It’s too early to say…

Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble

Age difference: 25 years

The love story: Jenner, 60, the matriarch of the Kardashian clan, began dating Justin Bieber’s road manager Gamble, 35, in 2014. Even Bieber himself gave the couple a shout-out on social media, posting a photo of the pair together with the caption, “Hottest couple in the game.”

Did it last? So far, so good. Jenner recently announced that she’s single, though she meant “single” as in “not married.” She said she’s still very much a couple with Gamble.

Allison Janney and Philip Joncas

Age difference: 20 years

The love story: Not much is known about how they met, though Janney, 56, did work with Joncas, a production co-ordinator, on the film The Way Way Back in 2013.

Did it last? The pair is still going strong.

Geena Davis and Reza Jarrahy

Age difference: 15 years

The love story: Davis married her fourth husband in September 2001 after meeting at a party. She was 42 and Jarrahy, a plastic surgeon, was 27.

Did it last? The pair are still married and have three children together.