Romano Talks Sex, Marriage and Mid-life

The stars of Men of a Certain Age

By Charlotte Bumstead
Hilarious comedian and actor Ray Romano made a memorable appearance on Conan last night, as he promoted his latest show Men of a Certain Age. The second season premiered on Monday, Dec. 6.

“I’m gonna be honest,” says Romano to Conan. “The Jets game was on, so even I didn’t watch my show Monday night.” Men of a Certain Age celebrates the special bond of three men in their late 40s who have been best friends since college. Starring alongside Romano are Scott Bakula and Andre Braugher.

Together, the friends face challenges of mid-life. Joe (Romano), father of two, tackles the post-divorce dating scene while simultaneously struggling with a gambling problem and following his dreams of becoming a professional golfer. Terry (Bakula) is the handsome ladies’ man who scoffs at domestic issues yet can’t help but wonder if the single life is all he talks it up to be. And Owen (Braugher) plays an anxious husband with three kids, who is striving to live up to his father’s expectations within the family car dealership.

In discussing the drama-comedy on Conan, Romano says, “You know when I knew I was at that age… It was a year or so ago. I was having sex with my wife and in the middle of it, I had to take a knee.” Conan bursts out laughing as Romano demonstrates, balancing on one knee. “I had to run the clock out…so to speak,” says the 53-year-old. The celebrity Zoomers go on to talk about sex “at this age.” Romano explains he has a much better “batting average” in the morning, as he doesn’t get turned down as much. “She can’t say she’s tired,” he says. “She’s had a solid eight.”

He and his wife, Anna, celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary this past October. The actor gives the audience some advice on marriage. “I kind of figured out what women want,” he says. “If you know this, you’ll last a long time in your marriage. Women want men to focus on them every waking moment.” Unfortunately for Romano, his wife might not be as grateful as his fans for the audacious counselling.