Did you know …

It’s believed Michelangelo may have suffered from degenerative arthritis Luckily, it occured later in life. Otherwise, the statue of David may have gone the full Bobbitt.

Nicola Griffin, 56, will become the oldest model to ever grace Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition when she poses in an ad Not to be outdone, Larry King, 82, announced he’ll go buff and become the oldest person to ever pose in Suspenders Illustrated’s swimsuit edition.

A “smart walker” with four robotic legs to help seniors stay mobile could be on the way Which sounds fine until the robotic legs malfunction and that walker takes off down the street with Grandma hanging on for dear life.

#SocialMediaSeniors Legendary comedian Carl Reiner, who turns 94 on March 20, puts out the call to find any Twitter users who are older than him.

“Listen, Grandma, we’re not saying that you literally have to outrun death, but maybe set that smart walker to warp speed” Research shows that slow-walking in seniors could be a sign of higher mortality rates or Alzheimer’s.

A B.C. widow and computer game fan fights Apple for her deceased husband’s iPad password You don’t even want to know what four-letter word she has cued up for the second she’s able to log back into online Scrabble.

David Bowie’s longtime bodyguard says the late star, Mick Jagger and an unnamed female singer had a threesome in the ’70s and that ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev was barred from joining them And so ends the most awkward eulogy ever.