Zoomer-Friendly: The Comfort and Style of the Simons x Marimekko Collection

Photos courtesy of The Simons x Marimekko.

The iconic Marimekko poppy almost didn’t bloom.

When Armi Ratia started her textile printing company in 1951 in Helsinki, Finland, she declared she would never do a floral pattern. It was a curious diktat that her company, Marimekko,  should be a no-flora zone considering it was known for lush colours and prints designed to brighten spirits in post-war Europe .

But in 1964, a headstrong young designer on her team ignored the rule and designed a very simple, but graphic-looking, poppy flower. The Unikko (Finnish for poppy), not only won Ratia over but the design went on to become one of the most recognizable motifs of Marimekko.

During the ’60s the brand’s designs were considered modern and liberating for their simple graphic shapes. A New Yorker article noted how some of the forward thinkers of the time — Jane Jacobs and Georgia O’Keeffe — also wore Marimekko, albeit, the less colourful prints. They, along with other working women embraced the practical functionality (pockets) and roomy silhouettes (unfettered freedom to bike.)

This fall, Canadian department store, Simons, is featuring Marimekko pop-ups in three of their locations — Square One Shopping Centre in Toronto, Place Sainte-Foy in Quebec City and Rideau Shopping Centre in Ottawa. Each month, until December, the pop-up departments will feature a variety of fashion merchandise featuring both new and archival prints. While they appeal to all ages, boomers will relish the no-fuss attitude and timeless appeal.

And of course, those colourful prints are eternally joyous.

Here, a selection of the Simons x Marimekko collection available in select stores and online. 

Striped shirt, $225 and Unikko print skirt, $295.

Unikko print back pack, $195

Dress, $365

Top, $295

Sneakers, $195

Coat, $595

Unikko print tote, $265

Dress, $325.

Skirt, $495

Pants, $295