Why seed potatoes?

Seed potatoes are a great way to produce bushels of potatoes in your own backyard garden. Seed potatoes produce full sized tubers in about 3 months. Our seed potatoes are government certified to be disease and virus free, which ensures that the plants are strong and vigorous.

How to grow seed potatoes
The date for the planting process is important. Early varieties should be planted 10 days before the last killing frost in your area. Late varieties are generally planted a few weeks later. Seed potatoes should be planted a few weeks later. Seed potatoes should be planted should be planted 8cm (3″) deep, 30 cm (12″) apart, in rows 90 cm (3′) apart. Using a sharp knife, divide the seed potato into 60g (2 oz) sections, making sure each section has at least 2 ‘eyes’ (buds). It is from these ‘eyes’ that the plant will develop. Potaotes are one vegetable that like an acidic soil, so it’s a good idea to add a little peat moss or Acidic Soil Mix to your garden where you will be growing your potatoes.

Once the plants reach 15cm (6″) in height, begin placing soil against the stems of the plants to eventually form ridges 15 cm (6″) in height. This ‘hilling’ covers weeds withihe row and provides extra protection against greening of the tubers.

When the tops of the potatoes have withered and died down it is time to harvest. Gently lift the tubers with a garden spade and leave the potatoes on the soil surface for a few hours. This will dry the tubers and make it easier to remove excess soil. Store the potatoes in a cool, dark place to prevent greening, which gives the potatoes a bitter taste.