Bone vivant!

A lifetime of good nutrition and exercise can prevent the suffering in senior years caused by osteoporosis. One in four women are affected by this disease that causes bones to become brittle and easily fractured. The Osteoporosis Society of Canada has produced Bone Vivant!, a cookbook to help Canadians maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Features of this health-promoting cookbook include:

  • nutrient analysis for each recipe (including calcium, fat, protein, sodium and magnesium content — and calories per serving)
  • ingredient substitutions for a variety of dietary preferences, including vegan choices
  • a section on how to interpret food labelling (e.g. just how many mgs of calcium is 25 per cent of my RDI?)
  • comprehensive charts of calcium-containing foods; vitamin D content of various foods; and caffeine values for typical foods and beverages
  • a final section devoted to the importance of physical activity — with illustrated exercises to help build bones

Bone Vivant! is available at bookstores nationwide and may be ordered directly from the Osteoporosis Society at 1-80063-6842.