Buy your Christmas sheet music online

The holiday season is the best time of year for musical get-togethers. But as many of us know from experience, family singalongs can run out of steam as soon as the sheet music is finished. But new Internet technology lets you get the music you want for that special song instantly.

The new Solero 4.0 music viewer lets PC users preview, download and purchase interactive song books online at what the company says are very low prices. The technology is being launched with a series of digital song books, or folios, designed to meet the needs of enthusiastic music buyers.

With one mouse click, music lovers can purchase digital folios ranging from Christmas favorites to songs made popular during the Tin Pan Alley era. Classical selections include music by Chopin and other celebrated composers, and a guitar starter pack includes chord charts, manuscript paper and sheet music. Users download the music files and simply print them out for instant use.

With each folio, the music buyer can preview the first page of each title before buying. The new Music Viewer software includes a piano animation that plays musical notes in time with the sheet music.

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