Come back alive

The title says it all: Come Back Alive is the must-read book for the adventure traveller, and at least a good piece of entertainment for those of us who think that escalators at the airport are dangerous. Danger Man Robert Pelton covers every contingency in his latest book, which is published this month.

The book is your guide to avoiding nasty situations, whether on a business trip, an adventure vacation, or a weekend hike. Pelton, who has also been called the tourist with an attitude (Outside magazine) reveals the secrets that have kept him alive and laughing:

  • finding water in the desert

  • what to do when there’s no bridge

  • building a snow cave

  • what to do when someone’s going “hypo”

  • how to face nasty animals

  • how to avoid kidnapping

  • and everything in between.

The book also covers strategies for adventure travel, urban areas, war zones, terrorism, crime spots, and even the dangers of your own house– which the author claims is the place you’re most likely to get into trouble. Written in an aggressive, entertaining style, Come Back Alive &lt/E>is definitely not for everyone, as this excerpt illustrates:

“We’ll spend some time learning how to keep from getting lost. You’ll find out why maps, compasses, altimeters, and even satellites can get you into serious trouble. You’ll find out where to sit (and sleep) on an airplane and when you should eat with your fingers.”

But for those who want a crackling read filled with esoteric and fascinating information, Come Back Alive could be a great substitute for that often-postponed jungle excursion.