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(NC) Do you want to know more about Canada’s position on major issues around the world? Or, do you just need some quick details on our foreign policy – or what we are doing as a global citizen on such topics as development aid, the environment, human rights, science and technology, global health, and more? Ready answers are now at your computer fingertips with the arrival of e-government – and indeed, you may be pleased to find out that Canada is a real player.

Concise, current, and authoritative information on our country’s foreign policy is available at: From the Home page click on Canada and the World, a portal that has partnered with Foreign Affairs Canada and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) among others, to deliver up-to-date information on Canada’s international relations and global activities.

Initiatives include efforts to help in rebuild Afghanistan; action on climate change; efforts to distribute HIV/AIDS drugs to the poorest countries; and a $20 million pledge to help alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Darfur, Sudan. Here is a sampling of the dails to found at the Canada and the World portal:

Rebuilding Afghanistan: Canada is assisting the people of Afghanistan by making a strategic contribution in the areas of development, diplomacy and defence.

Action on Climate Change: Discover what Canada is doing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to raise awareness across the nation of the importance of this endeavour.

Drugs for HIV/AIDS: Our country has taken the lead in the global effort to provide inexpensive patented drugs to an estimated 38 million people worldwide living with HIV/AIDS.

Aid for Sudan: Canada is working actively to address the causes of the conflict in Darfur, Sudan, to stop the violence and to respond to the human rights and the humanitarian situation.

You can find further information on our country’s role in the world, plus other topics of interest, on the primary Government of Canada website at

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