Dogs at play: website gives tips

Have you ever wondered about the expression “working like a dog?” As we all know, most modern dogs don’t work at all. Those that do usually have quite pleasant gigs, such as sniffing suitcases for drugs or guiding the visually impaired.

The fact is, most pet dogs spend their days lying around, waiting for their next meal. Which leads the responsible dog owner to the obvious question: is my dog bored?

He may well be. If you really care about your dog, a visit the website “Dog-Play” could be the best thing you’ve ever done for him. The site is run by a dog enthusiast named Diane Blackman, who claims her very first word was “heel”. Her site provides a wealth of information on activities that you can do with your pooch.

Play, training advice
The site details 32 fun and rewarding things you can do with your dog, including flyball, search-and-rescue training and weight-pulling exercises. There’s also an extensive section on dog training, and links to other related training sites. 

Blackman’s section on dog training has a refreshing, no-nonsense style, which has attracted a lot of readers to the site. An example:

“If you wt someone to tell you the fast and simple way to train your dog, then you need to rethink your decision to be a dog owner. Dog ownership is a big responsibility and there is nothing fast and simple about it. The only fair thing to do is confront your assumptions and illusions. If you aren’t ready for that then you need to rethink your decision to have a dog.”

That said, Blackman goes on to offer many valuable tips on dog training and activities. She views dog ownership as a real responsibility, and challenges owners to get the most out of their dog’s life, for both the animals and themselves.

The website has been reviewed in several online and print publications. It gets about 3,000 hits a day. It’s financed entirely by Blackman, who works as a customer service rep for a software company in Oakland, California.