Easy ecommerce

CyberCash Inc. has unveiled InstaBuy, a new service aimed at dramatically increasing the volume of online transactions by enabling “single-click” purchasing by consumers. InstaBuy, which is currently in beta test, is built on CyberCash’s new Agile Wallet technology and will be widely available in time for the holiday shopping season.

InstaBuy gives consumers the ability to buy with one click at any participating merchant. The first time a consumer makes an online transaction with a participating merchant, they enter their name, shipping address, credit card number and expiration date. The information is captured in the InstaBuy Agile Wallet and secured by the branding financial institution.

When the consumer makes another purchase later at any participating merchant’s site, InstaBuy instantaneously fills in the payment screen with the purchase information. The consumer simply verifies the information and completes the purchase with a single click. Improved technologies like this promise to quickly increase sales over the Net, as the consumer’s need for fast, easy and secure transactions is met by new technology.

CyberCash will offer its InstaBuy service to major online rchants and financial institutions. In Canada, CyberCash is affiliated with the National Bank of Canada, and operates under the name “SecurNat”.