I was home but I was on the net

The Phone Doubler promises to eliminate a common problem for Internet users with a single phone line. The new service will allow Internet users to make and receive phone calls while logged onto the Internet, without a second phone line. What sets the Phone Doubler apart from existing services is that when the user accepts an incoming telephone call, the Internet connection is preserved, saving the user the need to reconnect the network at the end of the phone call.

Phone Doubler works by alerting the on-line subscriber to an incoming call with an icon on the computer screen. He or she then has the option of taking the call using the multi-media PC’s built-in microphone and speaker while continuing the Internet session. The subscriber can also make phone calls while on-line. Introduced at the Internet World show in Toronto this week, Phone Doubler comes in the form of software and can be downloaded via the Internet. For information on pricing and availability of the Phone Doubler, visit the website listed below.