Microsoft Office 2000

In what is no doubt the first of many new products with the “2000” appellation, Microsoft this week released the latest version of its “Office” suite of productivity software, Microsoft Office 2000.

The new product hit stores last Thursday, and is already being discounted and bundled with other hardware and software by major chains such as Future Shop. The new line includes five suite options, which offer a set of tools tailored for each type of “Office” customer.

Office 2000 Premium, the most comprehensive, includes the FrontPage 2000 Web site creation and management tool, the PhotoDrawTM 2000 business graphics software, Microsoft Word 2000, Microsoft Excel 2000, Outlook 2000 messaging and collaboration client, PowerPoint 2000 presentation graphics, Access 2000, Publisher 2000, Internet Explorer 5.0 browser software and Microsoft Small Business Tools.

For those who don’t need such a comprehensive selection of software, the company is offering various other configurations (including small business and home versions) that meet a variety of needs. Upgrade prices are being offered, so that as long as you have a previous version of Microsoft Office, your outlay to stay rit up-to-date won’t be that great.

Office 2000 has already been recognized with “best-of-breed” awards, including PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice award, PC Week’s Best of COMDEX award and PC Computing’s “A” List. We’ll present an overview of reviews here in the near future.