New video program

Since you’re reading this at the website, you likely don’t need training in the basic operation of computers, but it’s very likely that you know someone who would benefit greatly from a computer but may be just a little intimidated by a mouse and keyboard.

Microsoft has released a new educational video that could solve your friend’s problem. The company plans to distribute 10,000 copies of the video, free of charge, to non-profit community organizations around the world. The appropriately titled Opening New Windows on the World: An Introduction to Computers and the Internet, is part of the Microsoft Senior Initiative.

According to a recent study, only 24 percent of seniors aged 60 and over use technology, compared with 50 percent of the rest of the population. Microsoft’s program attempts to bridge this latest “generation gap”, and prompted the need for an educational tool to get people started with computers.

The 45-minute instructional video is specifically designed for older adults who have never used a computer. It takes the mystery out of the Internet and explains the components and functions of a computer. It also demonstrates how old adults can use technology to explore new interests, make informed decisions, communicate with family and friends via e-mail, and enhance their employability.

Of course, regulars already know all this, but the video could be a godsend for others. It’s available free of charge to qualified non-profit groups, and costs $19.99 (US) for private citizens. For more information and to order, visit the link below. Microsoft also provides organizations with a seminar guide and reference materials.