Uncover the roots of your family tree

Interested in knowing more about your heritage, and finding out if your grandfather really did help Alexander Graham Bell invent the telephone? Pay a visit to Canadian Genealogical Resources, a marvelous central website that gives you access to all the information you need to research your family tree.

The Internet has transformed the hobby and study of genealogy, making it fast and easy for people to compile and distribute vast amounts of family information. Where just a few years ago basic research on a family name often meant travel and hours leafing through dusty records in libraries and church basements, the explosion of information now available on the Net makes genealogical research easy and even enjoyable.

Canadian Genealogical Resources is an excellent starting point for your long-neglected family history. The site has national and provincial sections, and links to dozens of excellent resources, such as genealogy newsgroups, reference books, and professional researchers. You may eventually have to visit an old records office to get the real details of your family, but you’ll get the a lot sooner using the power of the Internet.