The Gift of Learning


The holiday season is officially upon us. Soon, our grandchildren will be “tucked all snug in their beds, with visions of sugarplums [and any number of popular toys] dancing in their heads.” How we love to see their delight on Christmas morning! But will this year’s gifts last? What if you could give your grandchild a gift that delights and sets the stage for a lifetime of learning?

The Ability to Learn
The greatest gift any child can receive is the ability to learn. In his ground-breaking 1983 study, Herbert J. Walberg Ph.D. concluded that early educational experience predicts adult ability and desire to learn. That is to say, those children who are successful in education will seek learning as adults; and those children who struggle will lose the desire and ability to learn. Obviously, there will always be exceptions. But the struggle to make up the loss later in life is formidable.

As a lifelong learner, you can give your grandchild a lasting gift this year: Rusty and Rosy Learn with Me™. Developed by the nonprofit Waterford Institute after nearly two decades of research, this innovative software will put your grandchild on the path to a lifetime of learning.

Because Learning is Fun
With 3D animation, interactive games, videos, digital books, and engaging music, Rusty and Rosy Learn with Me™ will instill a love for learning. Your granddaughter will be dancing in her seat. Your grandson will delight in sharing his favorite songs and games with you.

A Complete Reading, Math, and Science Program
With 60 gigabytes of media (that’s 85 CDs), Rusty and Rosy Learn with Me™ contains three full years of reading, math and science lessons—enough to bring a preschooler to reading fluency and elementary math and science competence. Moreover, you can be confident that your grandchild is learning. More than 40 independent studies have validated the effectiveness of the Rusty and Rosy Learn with Me™ curriculum. The Florida Center for Reading Research gave the reading curriculum five stars (out of five) for completeness.

Personalized to Your Grandchild’s Needs
Whether your grandchild struggles or excels, Rusty and Rosy Learn with Me™ will provide instruction tailored to his or her needs. The program continually monitors your grandchild’s responses.

For struggling learners, the program presents more instruction, more practice, and intense review. As a complete curriculum, Rusty and Rosy Learn with Me™ will present all of the material needed to master the skill AND give the added support that struggling learners need.

When children show early mastery of skills, they automatically skip the explicit instruction and spend more time in practice and application of the skill. You can also manually adjust the instruction to spend more time where you grandchild is most engaged (in math, science, or reading).

With Rusty and Rosy Learn with Me™, every child learns without limits.


Give your grandchild a lasting gift this year—one that he or she will love. Learn more about this extraordinary program at

The Facts
For children age 4–8
3 full years of instruction delivered on a USB hard drive
High-speed Internet required

$59.96 for Rusty and Rosy Learn with Me™ kit*
$15.96 per month subscription*

*Each kit and subscription supports personalized learning for up to 5 children.

“Prepare to have a child who is addicted to learning.” – Stephanie Booth (mother)

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