Tips to beat the winter (dating) blahs

It’s the time of year when people get hit by the winter blahs.

When you’re single and don’t necessarily have anyone to curl up with at home, these blahs can make the single life feel a little overwhelming.

But this is the best season to get out there on the dating scene. Now is the exact time when people are, perhaps subconsciously, looking for that someone they can snuggle up to. Even if you don’t find Ms. or Mr. Right immediately, have yourself some fun and consider how good you have it in the meantime.

I’m a Lone Wolf, Baby… I Do Whatever I Want

First of all, remember that being single has a load of advantages, number one on the list being independence. Single people tend to forget this. That is, until they get embroiled in a relationship — and by that point my friends, it’s way too late. Your independence gets thrown out along with your favourite “antique” wagon-wheel coffee table.

Here’s the rundown: you don’t have to answer to anybody, you can flirt with whomever you please, you can stay out as long as you want, and you can even skip the odd shower when you’re in a rush. (The odd shower, not every shower).

I know for a fact that if I ever end up getting seriously involved with a woman, my autographed picture of Muhammad Ali will not be hanging proudly in the living room… or any other room for that matter. You may not believe it, but your friends who are in relationships sometimes get jealous of your freedom.

Nobody Looks Good in a Puffy Parka

Every year around this time, I start thinking about how the winter affects me. Where I live, it gets really cold and my first inclination is to hibernate and only pop my head out of my apartment come spring.

That’s a bad idea.

Yes, it may be cold outside — but there are plenty of places to go that have cozy environments inside. Don’t shut yourself out of the game for what amounts to (in my case) almost half the year.

For the athletically inclined, the ski hills and trails can be a great place to meet people. Even if, like me, you don’t ski or snowboard, the chalet is a warm (and much less strenuous) place to get to know somebody. For those who aren’t into cold-weather sports, there’s a plethora of indoor leagues ranging from volleyball to soccer, to ultimate Frisbee.

For the more culturally inclined, art galleries, museums, and theaters stay open year-round. A cup of coffee and a stroll through a new exhibit can make you forget all about the cold weather outside and you may meet a like-minded mate to boot.

The Grass Is Not Greener

Yes, being single is sometimes hard. But don’t forget that being in a relationship can be just as tough, if not tougher. Some single people think of being in a relationship as the end-all and be-all of life. They think that once you’re hooked up, it’s all about brunches together, holding hands, and those knowing glances that only the two of you could understand. Let’s not romanticize relationships too much.

Don’t forget that being in a relationship has just as many obstacles as being single. Feeling lonely while you’re single can be unpleasant, but feeling lonely while you’re in a committed relationship leads to one hell of an awkward brunch conversation.

You Must Remember This…

I’m not making an argument for staying single forever — there’s something vaguely sociopathic about that. But as we make our way through our single lives, remember to enjoy your life as a single person. You may even look back on it fondly some day.

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