Tired of fighting noise pollution?

So, you can hear perfectly well in quiet settings… but, try having lunch or coffee with friends in your favorite cafe these days and suddenly you can’t hear a word they’re saying!

It’s a common and growing problem .

“Our societies are full of people who deny that they are having difficulty hearing, who project the reason for communication breakdowns onto their communication partners; they are accused of ‘not talking clearly’ or ‘talking extra softly’, or whatever”, noted Dr Mark Ross, Professor Emeritus of Audiology, University of Connecticut.

The problem isn’t you; it’s the environmental background noise. Noise challenges are growing increasingly common in public places. Nancy Nadler, Director of the Noise Center at the League for the Hard of Hearing says, “Noise does not have to be loud to affect us. Studies have indicated that noise causes physiological changes in sleep, blood pressure and digestion.”

“Excessive noise is one of the leading causes of permanent hearing damage. It’s estimated that over 10 million Americans currently suffer from a hearing loss at least partially attributable to a noisy environment,” she continued.

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Background noise can also be very fatiguing for us. In fact, it’s causing more and more people to avoid social engagements in noisy places such as cafés, restaurants, pubs and family gatherings.

When people engage in conversation, the parts of words that help the most with understanding tend to be very quiet parts, like “sh”, “s” and “t”. It becomes very difficult to hear these soft sounds in noisy environments.

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Even people with normal hearing find that this background noise swamps out these quiet sounds and, consequently, understanding conversation becomes difficult and frustrating. As we age, this worsens.

More frequently, sufferers favour a quieter venue. But… what if it were possible to somehow capture these quiet sounds in conversation while reducing background noise?

There is a solution.

An assistive listening product, invented and designed in Canada’s high tech region of Waterloo, Ontario was developed specifically to fight the problem of communicating in noisy background situations. The Sonami PL Personal Listener uses advanced, high quality, electronic digital technology to capture speech while using advanced customized software to significantly reduce background noise.

The solution is a simple yet elegant use of directional technology. The Sonami PL employs two microphones (front and rear) to separate sounds coming from the front from those sounds coming from beside and behind. Its software then enhances the conversational sounds from the front while decreasing undesirable background noise.

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“The result is a measureable increase in the understanding of quiet ‘normal’ conversations in noisy settings” remarked Dan Murray, President, inventor and co-founder of Sonami Communications, designer of the Sonami PL.

“Don’t confuse the PL with the low-cost listening devices now appearing on the market” he noted.

“These other devices use simple amplification. They sound great in quiet settings (where you can hear just fine!), but whenever background noise of any kind is present, these low cost/low tech units amplify all sound, actually making the situation worse than if you wore no device at all. The Sonami PL costs a few dollars more than these cheaper low-tech devices because the Sonami PL actually works. It contains high-technology components that do the job properly. You get what you pay for.” Dan concluded.

Here’s what some recent customers have said about the PL

Here is what a few recent Sonami customers have said about the Personal Listener:

“I went out to the steakhouse with friends last night and could hear every word.”

Donald, Toronto

“For years I have been frustrated when I get together with friends, because I miss all the jokes. The Sonami PL is amazing because now I can laugh when everyone else does.”

Karen, New Jersey

“I have tried the PL in a number of venues, including my favorite place – my local pub – and it improves my hearing significantly. The PL is comfortable to wear and is not as large as I thought it would be.”

Richard S., California

The Sonami PL is designed to be lightweight, look modern and stylish, as well as be easy to wear on either ear. It also comes with a durable pocket/purse holder.

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Why put up with noise pollution when you no longer need to? Check it out, it really works!

The Sonami PL Personal Listener at last makes it possible for you to enjoy dinner and comfortable conversation with friends at your favorite meeting places again. You will be truly impressed with its performance.

For more information about the Sonami Personal Listener visit www.personallistener.com/PL3 or contact us at [email protected] – (519)743-2756

Dan Murray is an Engineer, a former Executive at Unitron Hearing, the founding President/COO of Dspfactory – a Canadian high technology solutions company – and now the President/CEO of Sonami Communications.