The Zoomer Report: Mobile Manners

Do you get irritated with people shouting on their cellphones in public or texting while driving? You’re not alone. A poll by tech giant Intel finds 9 out of 10 people feel exactly the same way.

According to the survey, most of us are fed up with people’s misuse of mobile devices and we think mobile manners are getting worse. The worst abuse is using a mobile device while driving followed by talking on the phone loudly in places like restaurants, restrooms and movie theatres, and using a mobile device while walking on the street.

For some, these abuses can actually trigger strong, negative feelings much like road rage with 65 per cent admitting to becoming very angry with those who use their mobile devices inappropriately in public.

There are new laws against texting and driving, and more and more public places posting signs that discourage cell phone use, but enforcement is lagging. Anyway, most of us agree it’s the mobile users who must change their attitudes about what is acceptable behaviour. Despite the large number of people who want the misuse of mobile products to change, we still love our Blackberries and Smartphones and will do just about anything to hold onto them. In fact, 76 per cent said if they had to give up anything for a week, they’d prefer if it was almost anything other than an Internet-enabled mobile device for one week.

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