Easter fun at home

Looking for a fun way to occupy the kids and grandkids this Easter? Turn on the creativity with these easy Easter crafts.

Egg Carton Carrot Patch

What you will need:

– Empty cardboard egg carton with the lid removed and cut in half
– Acrylic or poster paints in brown and green
– 20 orange beads
– Seven-eight pipe cleaners cut in half
– A few pink pom-poms
– Small white craft foam circles for cheeks
– A tiny yellow foam circle for nose
– Two white foam rabbit ears (you can cut your own from a sheet of craft foam)
– Googly eyes
– Light-coloured craft foam paper to make paper flower
– White craft clue

How to make it:

1. Take your egg carton that already has the lid removed and it cut in half

2. Turn the carton upside down and paint the carton green and paint the top part of the carton brown (it should resemble dirt mounds.)

3. When the paint is dry, use a pencil or scissors to cut a small hole in the top of each of the egg cups. (Parents should do this part).

4. Cut the pipe cleaners into three equal pieces.

5. Thread two of the beads onto the end of the pipe cleaner, then insert another pipe cleaner into the same beads and then do the same for the third one. They should all be threaded together through the two beads.

6. Turn the carton over and bend the pipe cleaners to ensure they will not move.

7. Bend the stems at the top of the cup to resemble a carrot patch

8. Glue a pom-pom in between two of the egg cups, and then glue another pom-pom on the top of the first one.

9. Glue the nose, ears, eyes and cheeks. You now have your rabbit.

10. Glue the flower to the front of the carton.

11. If you wish, you can clue an extra carrot onto the front of the carton.

Craft from www.crafts-kaboose.ca

Chicks in a basket

What you will need:

– Scissors
– A small basket
– A yellow work glove
– Craft glue
– Orange and yellow felt
– Small googly eyes
– Easter grass
– Ribbon

How to make it

1. Use your scissors to cut a hole in the bottom of the basket that is big enough for your child to fit his/her hand through

2. Stick the work glove up through the hole that was cut, leaving the bottom of the glove out.

3. Secure the bottom of the glove with the craft glue

4. Tuck the thumb into the basket and use the glue to place it out of sight

5. With the felt, cut four small beaks and four small combs out of the yellow felt.

6. Glue the combs to each gloved finger and then glue the beaks onto each ‘face’.

7. Then add a pair of googly eyes to each face.

8. Add some Easter grass around the glove in the basket

Craft from www.familyfun.go.com


Easter Egg Tree

What you will need

– Multicoloured construction paper
– Brown construction paper
– Scissors
– Glue
– Pencil
– Pastels (You can also use paint or markers)
– Optional – sparkles

How to make it

1. Take a sheet of the brown construction paper and place your child’s hand on it.

2. Trace around his/her hand with a pencil.

3. Cut out the stencil and use as the tree.

4. Take the construction paper, using whatever colours you like, and cut out eight-10 egg shapes.

5. Decorate each egg however you wish using the pastels, paints, sparkles etc.

6. Glue the eggs onto the hand tree.

Craft from www.dltk-holidays.com

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