7 Eco-Friendly Products for Earth Day

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Through small changes like water conservation, using recycled products, and using bio-degradable cleaners, you can make a huge impact and change on the environment.

Here, 7 products that you could start using today that could make big changes for the other 364 days of the year!

NanoLeaf Lightbulbs

These revolutionary light bulbs are made using LED lights, but use less energy than conventional incandescent light bulbs. These light bulbs can be used on any normal socket that your regular light bulbs go into, and their NanoLeaf Bloom bulb even has the ability to dim without needing to put on a dimmer! On top of everything, these bulbs are a great design and can be set up to a starter kit that lets you control everything from your phone. To find out more about the products and where to pick them up check out their website here.

Cookina Reusable Cooking Sheets

Think of the amount of times you’ve ripped a piece of tin foil off and used it to cook something in the oven, or put the piece on your cooking sheet to see it doesn’t fit so you need to use another piece. Cookina has come up with an amazing product that can be used for cooking in the oven and BBQ over and over again, saving you money as well as the environment.

Eco Sink

Kohler manufacture all of its cast iron sinks with 80% recycled materials and with a lifetime warranty you just need to pick the style you love once. And if new but timeless is what you want, we’re loving the Whitehaven Hayridge apron-front, which will fit just about the biggest pot or pan you can throw in it after Passover feasts. 

Attitude Cleaning Products

Attitude is an eco-friendly cleaning product line that contains no synthetic fragrances. They have over 100 different products including laundry detergent, fabric softener, and air purifiers. To find where to buy the product, or to order some right to your home visit their website.

Salvaged Wood Furniture

Get on the reclaimed trend train and pick up unique pieces like these Teak Root Blocks from Zenporium Furniture & Accessories. The company specializes in environmentally-sustainable timber. Plus, they take custom orders in case their one-of-a-kinds aren’t quite your kind.

Dyson LED Lamp

You may need to re-write your will for the new Jake Dyson CSYS (floor and table) LED task lighting. The next-generation Dyson has taken inspiration from space, satellites to be exact, to create the coolest, temperature-wise, LED lamps on the market. With 144,000 hours of life, their efficiency means they may even outlast you. We gotta get these Dyson’s working on human longevity!

The Honest Co. Household and Body Care


Actress and earth-friendly mom Jessica Alba founded The Honest Company as an alternative for other eco-responsible folks looking for products to care for the home and everyone in it. The products use natural, organic, sustainably harvested and renewable pure raw materials and the packaging is re-usable, made from higher post-consumer recycled or FSC-certified material including the shipping materials. Check, check, check and check! Pick it up at Indigo or direct from their site.