A Royal-Inspired Gift Guide for Your Little Prince or Princess

Royal gift guide

On William and Kate's 2016 Royal Tour to B.C., Prince George went crazy for bubbles and Princess Charlotte was mesmerized by balloons at a children's party on the grounds of Government House in Victoria. Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Royal babies are a lot like your little princes and princesses when it comes to toys. Sure, most of them are not going to get a life-size dollhouse with a real thatched roof like Princess Elizabeth did on her 6th birthday in 1932, a gift from the people of Wales. (The Little House, which sits in the garden at Windsor’s Royal Lodge, is still used by wee royals to this day.)

You can go all out and buy your little highnesses a silver Tiffany bubble blower, but the real Royal children play with more mundane stuff, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, has been quite clear about her preference for fresh air and mucking about outside with Prince George, Princess Charlottte and Prince Louis. Like all little boys, Prince George loves anything with wheels, while princess Charlotte likes – what else – Disney princesses. The one thing you won’t find in the Royal playroom at Kensington Palace according to some reports: iPads.

Here we present a gift guide inspired by the Royals that includes lots of low-tech toys like Slinkys, swings and hula hoops for non-Royal budgets.

Royal gift guide

Royal Bubbles

If your regal darling wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth, how about putting a silver bubble blower in her hand? Sterling silver bubble blower, $340, Tiffany and Co. www.tiffany.ca

Royal gift guide

A Spring is  a Marvellous Thing!

When Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge was hanging out on the grass at a charity polo match with the children, Prince George was photographed frolicking with a rainbow-coloured, Slinky-like toy.  Giant Rainbow Spring, $26.67, www.amazon.ca



Royal gift guide

Fuzzy Wuzzy

Every baby needs a teddy, and this oversized bear provides a regal resting place for your tot. Melissa and Doug Teddy Bear 60 cm Large Soft Toy,  $59.96, amazon.ca


Royal gift guide
Prince William and Prince Harry on their rocking horses in their Kensington Palace playroom in 1985, where Diana often sat with them at a child-sized table, doing puzzles. Photo: Tim Graham/Getty Images

Horsing Around

A rocking horse is a necessity for all children, whether commoner or to the manor born. Melissa and Doug Rock and Trot Plush Rocking Horse, $119.95, www.chapters.indigo.ca

Royal gift guide


Vintage Wheels

As a boy, Prince Charles drove a metal toy sedan around the grounds of Balmoral Castle, so why not indulge your little speed demon with a modern take on a classic toy? Red Vilac Vintage Ride-On Metal Car,  $199.95, www.chapters.indigo.ca


Royal gift guide

A Doll’s Life

It’s hardly life-size, but a dollhouse is a Royal must. Mini-moms and dads always love to play house. Lil Woodzeez Large Honeysuckle Hillside Cottage House, $71.99, www.thebay.com


Royal gift guide
Prince Charles pushes Prince William in a swing in the Kensington Palace Gardens a few weeks after his second birthday in 1984. Photo: Anwar Hussein/Getty Images

Swing Time

Push your toddler to new highs without losing your heir. Little Tykes High Back Toddler Swing, $59.95, www.amazon.ca


Royal gift guide



Royal gift guide

Full Circle

If it was good enough for Prince Harry’s elite Wetherby School gym class, the kid’s classic, the hula hoop, is good enough for your little princeling. Joyibay Sport Hoop for Kids, $11.99, www.amazon.ca


Royal gift guide
Eight-month-old Prince George plays with a wire and bead toy at Government House in Wellington on Kate and William’s three-week 2014 Royal Tour of New Zealand and Australia. Photo: Marty Melville/ AFP/Getty

Colour My World

Bead-and-wire toys are supposed to improve baby’s hand-eye coordination and visual tracking even if they sometimes end up as teethers. Sharpen your young charge’s chompers and peepers with this inexpensive gift. Melissa and Doug First Bead Maze, $14.95, www.chapters.indigo.ca