7 Signs You Are Turning Into Your Mother

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They say you will turn into your mother. At the very least, you share her genetics, she carried you for nine months and, for those of you who were adopted, she spent at least 18 years instilling her values and habits. Face it, you’re slowly morphing into her, and this list will show you all of the signs.

You’re Subconsciously Using Her Catchphrases

The other day I heard myself saying, “A good cook is a clean cook!” and immediately heard my mother’s voice. There it was, a flashback of all the times she would remind me to wipe my crumbs off the kitchen counter with that classic line and here I was, using the same peppy voice to advise others to pick up after themselves. I couldn’t take it back. I couldn’t fight it. I had to accept it.

Unaware of Young Celebrities

“What’s her name? Never heard of her. Why doesn’t she ever wear pants?”


What’s With Music These Days?

I’ve found myself wondering what’s happened to music. The radio gets more and more disappointing everyday. Sigh, they don’t make hits like they used to.

                                                                                                           Concern For Youth

Will and Jada Smith’s kids: 15-year-old Jaden Smith with 13-year-old Willow Smith

Anytime I see a tween showing her belly button inappropriately or walking with his pants far below his waistline, I think, “How were they allowed out of the house like that?” or “Or where are their parents?” That critique for children who are not mine – that has my mother written all over it.


Small Bladder

“Just going to run to the bathroom before we leave!” Arrive at destination 20 minutes later, “Excuse me, where’s your restroom?”

Packed Snacks

“I have almonds in my purse if you’re hungry? And granola bars … and a bottle of water if you need anything.”


Fussing Over Others

“You’ve got some fluff on your shirt. Let me get that for you.” “Oh! Did you have ribs for lunch? You’ve got sauce on your cheek. It’s okay, I’ve got!”