Cruising Europe: Budapest and Along the Danube

Highlights of the Central European ports of call on AmaWaterways’ AmaCerto

A cruise is a wonderful thing: it allows you to unpack once, yet visit much more than just one place. Itineraries vary, but a river cruise is extra special, in that it allows you to get up close and personal to some of the most beautiful waterside views and countryside. I’ve compiled some snapshot highlights, to wet your wanderlust whistle.

This week, we’re sailing with AmaWaterways’ AmaCerto along the Danube and Budapest, Hungary. Next week, travel with us again on Crystal’s Western Europe: France. So pack your bag – you’ll only have to unpack it once. 1-800-626-0126;


1FishermansBastionFisherman’s Bastion on Buda Castle Hill

2BastionDetailA detail of intricate sculpture at the Fisherman’s Bastion

3AmaCertoThe AmaCerto, docked on the Danube

4HeroesSquareBudapestHero’s Square

5HeroDetailEquestrian sculptures are popular everywhere in Budapest. This is a detail in Hero’s Square

6CraftMarketHandmade crafts and embroidery, en route to Mattias Church in the Castle Hill district of Buda

7SynagogueThe Dohany Street Great Synagogue in Pest, the largest synagogue in Europe

8LionChainBridgeA lion guards the entrance to the Chain Bridge, over the Danube

9Market-in-BudapestSausage, schnitzel, salami – all on display at the Central Market Hall

10MarketDetailFresh farmer’s fare at the Central Market Hall

11PaprikaPaprika, Hungary’s national spice, comes in sweet and spicy varieties

12DanubeA view of Pest and the Danube, from Castle Hill in Pest